WordPress Platform is already getting good at creating awesome beautiful blogs that earn you money while you write

Starting a blog is easy but knowing which WordPress Theme and Plugins to use for your new blog can be hard

Without any information, you can install a wrong or bad plugin that could damage your blog and affect your website speed

Youtube is a great place for video contents and I go there to find new information about WordPress and the latest updates on the platform

I use Youtube on a daily basis for searching contents about WordPress and what should happen when you install a bad plugin onto your website and the effects

I got a list of the best Youtube Channels that teach anything on WordPress

1. Darell Wilson Youtube

My first goto for information on WordPress guards and tutorial and how to start a perfect looking WordPress Website on the web

Darrel Wilson was my first WordPress Teacher he taught me everything I know about WordPress from how to install it on Real life server to creating a beautiful WordPress website and also how to use Yoast for optimizing my content for Google

I got to create my first WordPress website sometime last year 2017 with the help of Darrell Wilson I learned a lot about WordPress and how to use the platform

Darell Wilson will help you create awesome looking websites from chat websites, online store, help desk support and social media website with WordPress


2. WPtuts

I got to learn about WordPress core with WPtuts and he showed me what themes and plugins to use when creating a project without getting your clients angry

I learned how to boost my WordPress website and creating an awesome website and gets a great score from Google even without using CDN for my images

WPtuts does a lot of reviews on WordPress Theme and Plugins and helps you pick a particular theme for certain projects

You also get insights on the theme you are about to install onto WordPress core and how it may affect the performance of your website


3. Website Learners

Website learners are the channel for someones who are new to WordPress and has no idea on how to build and create a WordPress Website

I learned how to back up my WordPress website onto my Google Drive for free with a free plugin that keeps daily backups of the information on my website

They are a huge fan of free plugins and then I why I choose them because they have great contents when it comes to anything on WordPress

If you want to learn how to move your WordPress website from Local server to a live website then I recommend you subscribe to the channel

4. Wpbeginner

The fresh source on anything about WordPress from how to build a perfect looking website to ranking your blog on Google

I got to know how to create Different types of WordPress website with great tools that helped me gain knowledge about the platform and increased my Blogging skills over time

Wpbeginner also does reviews on WordPress Plugins and the uses with pros and cons


By the time I started building WordPress website and I never knew I would learn how to write better contents for search engines and for people to read as well

I learned how to write a blog post from this channel and I got better at it after I started creating awesome contents for webpages

Having a beautiful WordPress website without having meaningful contents will never benefit you when Google starts ranking pages based on contents they provide

Writing of long and quality contents matters when ranking a blog and what it offers.

Subscribe to those challenges and build your WordPress Skills within Months and be a better WordPress Developer

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