Today we are learning how to backup contacts to google drive for free with Google Storage but also Restore Contacts

When you have a smartphone but all your phone contacts are on there but you always worry about what happens when you lose your phone and all your contacts will be lost

I will show you how to back up your phone contacts to google drive and will be saved there for future use and can be accessed anytime you want

The best part of using the Google drive tool is that your data will be safe and secure and no one can have access to that folder unless you give them a go at it and they have to know your email address and password

To create a Google drive account you have to have a Gmail account

But if you don’t have one no need to worry just click here to create a Gmail account for free in less than 2 mins to get started

after you are done creating your own account with a safe security password now you have access to loads of Google features and may be used for Restore Contacts

let’s get started already on how to backup contacts to google drive.

First, make sure you have logged in your Google account you want to back up all your phone contacts

if you have not then I’ll show you how but if you have then you are welcome to skip and move to the main tutorials.

Adding Contacts To Google

Goto settings on your phone main menu

Restore Contacts

Scroll down on the personal section then click Accounts

Restore Google Contacts

Now click on add account

Fast way to Restore Contacts

Now select Google then sign in your Google Gmail account and you are done and ready to back up your phone contacts

Google Contacts

Google should be there and you are done updating your account

1. Unlock your mobile phone then visit the contact section on your phone menu.

2. then click the button at the top right of your mobile

How to save contacts to google

3. now select import/export

Import Export contacts

4. Now select copy to


5. Now select the Google account you signed in on your mobile phone and the contact will be exported to the google account drive automatically

Now you have successfully backed up all your contacts to Google drive.

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Now you have all your phone number backed up on the Google contacts accounts now when you are about to save any new contacts on your phone make sure you click on Google then add the info of the new user you just created.

Whenever you turn on your data on it will automatically add the new contacts you just created to your Google contacts

so now you don’t have to worry about your phone contacts

to view all your phone contacts you currently backed up to Google simply visit and sign in the account you created when you backed up your account and all your mobile phone will be Restore Contacts

Login details

You can also export them to your phone or even download them to your phone.

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