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How To Podcast with Cheap Equipment – Grow Your Podcast Show (2019)


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Podcast with Cheap Equipment is a great way of reaching millions of people and getting them to listen to you and what you have to say

Everyone should start their own Podcast with Cheap Equipment and stick to a subject they are personate about and produce good audio content

The great thing about Podcasting is that your voice will be heard and people will want to get to know you and also subscribed to your email list which is pretty great.

When starting a podcast choose your niche carefully because when you pick a subject please and please stick to it an always stay on the subject

A good Podcast show is a growing platform for you to advertise your products and help your listeners to find what they want and need.

Equipment for Podcasting

You don’t need millions to buy your podcast equipment but you will make sure your audio quality is good and clear

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1. Microphone

The first thing on the list is to get some pretty good microphones when it comes to recording your podcast

Buy some good quality microphones when you are about to start your own podcats but you don’t need to buy some expensive unless you have the money

Buy a condenser microphone, they are very clear when it comes to good audio quality and it will bring out the best in your show

When you have money then you should consider going for a higher studio microphone that beats the BM800 and will boost your audio quality in post

Not using a good quality microphone will make your podcast show look amateur and you will lose listeners who like your show.

A Good Studio microphone means great voice content

Podcast with Cheap Equipment




2. Microphone Stands

We have a lot of microphone stands but since you are a beginner and don’t want to spend much on buying a good mic stand

then you should buy the newer mic stands at a cheap price at your local store or check online, and it does a great job at holding your microphones

Having a microphone stand will make you look professional and hands will be free to do whatever


Podcast with Cheap Equipment


3. Audio Interface or Phantom Power Device

Recording with a good audio interface or phantom powered device will boost your audio quality and makes you sound great without any background noise

When you use a phantom powered device you will never have to worry about any bad quality because your show will sound great and feel good too

It also allows you to record two microphones at the same time

Podcast Blogtrybe


4. Headphones

When you are podcasting and talking through the microphone you want to hear yourself so you can know when something is going wrong so will be able to fit it

Buy two headphones just in case you going to have a co-host in your show

Both of you should be able to head each other when talking through the microphone

Blogrtybe Headphones


5. Recording Software

I love free software and the best recording software on the market is audacity

The program has great features and it can do whatever you can think of and many agencies use this free software and it produces Podcast with Cheap Equipment and gets awesome results

It is easy to use just plug in your microphone and hit record then the app will start recording whatever you say in the microphone

Effects can also be applied on this platform and you have access to download cool add-ons for audacity

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