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Phone Dial Won't Respond

Phone Dial Won’t Respond To Calls – Solution (SOLVED)


Phone Dial Won’t Respond due to the application has been turned off from the settings tab and do not worry the solution will be listed below so you would be able to fix this problem

Why your phone Phone Dial Won’t Respond is because you might have turned of the permission by mistake without knowing

But if the Phone Dial Won’t Respond you will not be able to make or receive calls onto your phone and no calls will be made if the phone call is turned off

So lets get started already on how to fix Phone Dial Won’t Respond problems and solution is provided

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1. Open Apps Tab and Click On Settings

To fix this problem you need to first find the settings tab and click on the tools to get started to fixing the problem at hand

Phone Dial Won't Respond

2. Under Settings Tab Click On Apps

Click the App on the settings tab

Phone Dial Won't Respond

3. Show System Applications

Select the show all systems tab to display all the app installed on the mobile smart phone

To Calls - Solution (SOLVED)

4. Select Phones

By you will be able to see all the application associated with the phones tab

5. Choose The Permission

Now click the permission to enable user to choose which section the phone should work on

Phone calls solutions

6. Turn On Phone Tab To Enable Calls On Your Device

Now turn on the permission and enable the path for you will be able to pick calls on your mobile device for if this is turned off you will not be able to make or recieve calls on your android device

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