Nigeria Is Not Ready For 5G Network yet after the 4G network came few two years ago

Nigeria has grown when it comes to using a mobile phone to surf the internet and Nigerians are getting better with smartphones helping them get by their daily lifes

When 4G network came into Nigeria it was a shocking at first and the fact that it drains phone batteries so much that you have to charge your mobile phone more than twice just to keep up

Phones with 4G network started coming into Nigeria and it worked out well for Nigerians who love downloading and streaming high quality videos online

and the speed was awesome that you do not need to worry about the videos you are watching cutting off cause the network strength was strong

Nigeria Is Not Ready For 5G Network

5G came out and I knew right away we are not ready for a new big tech change

Yet but maybe in 2021 then 5G network will be working fully in Nigeria and the speed would be so awesome for people who love downloading heavy files onto their devices

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