Location May Affect Facebook and if do not turn them on you will face loads of errors when it comes to getting new updates and Facebook whats you to keep up to date what your friends are doing

Location is a great deal to Facebook and when you do not get new updates about what is happening around you then your location is turned off

Having your location turned on and off has it own effect on the mobile platform

Facebook uses your mobile phone location to fetch your data that you might be interested in like your friend’s posts and events he just created

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1. Facebook Update

When you turn off your mobile phone location then your Facebook might not function well, that does not mean you won’t have access to your account

You will be able to login in and chat with your loved ones but you will not get full massive notification on your phone

If your mobile phone location is turned on the Facebook will send you loads of notification about  what your friends are doing and I mean everything from new posts to the pages they just liked

Location May Affect Facebook

2. People You May Know

Facebook uses your mobile phone location to fetch you data that will interest you when you’re logged in on the platform you will see the (People You May Know) Page

You will start seeing  your old high school friends on facebook and you would want to send them request

But if the location was turned off you won’t get anything like the People You May Know Button at the button of your profile page

See the effects of turning on and off and your Location May Affect Facebook

Facebook people you may know

3. Event Feeds

The events feed will show you live shows of any artist around you that might interest you as long as you liked and follow his page

You would see the notification of that artist if you turn on your mobile phone location


If you have your mobile phone location turned off then you will never know what is happening around you not even will you get live events notification

Location May Affect Facebook

4. Resent Uploads

Everyone wants to see notification when they open up their Facebook account and you will a lot of that if you have you mobile phone location turned on

You will even get full list of notification on your Mobile Phone Top Bar

  • New Picture Uploads
  • New Cover Photo
  • Likes Photos
  • Who Changed Their Profile Picture
  • Recent Comments
  • Who Followed You
  • New Friend Request
  • Who Wrote On Your Wall
  • Like Newly Created Your Page
  • New Comment On Your Page
  • Group Message
  • Liked Group Comments

5. Ads  May Not Run

Facebook users will be seeing ads on their profile page if location is turned on and when its switched off then they will not see ads from the mobile app

You will be seeing ads on facebook about products that you’ve clicked from facebook then you will be taken to that product page

No ads no location turned on and Location May Affect Facebook

facebook ads
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