Learn How to hide videos on Android without any app,  Now you’ve got yourself a smartphone that works and can download any video of your choice

But I face problems when it comes to hiding videos on my phone and today you will learn how to download videos on your smartphone and even hide them


Yes you heard what I said


You will be able to learn how to download videos on your phone and hide them without using an app

When you have a hiding application installed on your phone someone can tell that you’ve got something to hide

Which is why we wrote this article on how to hide videos in android without an app


Let’s get started


First, you have to head to Google Play Store and download the best File Manager on the store

Let us talk about the Features of the File Manager First

File Manager by a cheetah is the best app on Google Play Store which has many features that can help you improve your smartphone

And also tell where to find all your files even when it is hidden

Features of Using File Manager By cheetah


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Android Mobile Phone Permission

Back Up Google Contacts To Drive

Download File Manager


1. Network & Cloud Drive

Network features enable you to have fast access to contents on a server and also on your local IP address

You can use the file manager app to connect and store your data online fast without the need of multiple logins and best believe your uploaded files are kept where ever you upload them.

Below is a list of Cloud Drive that is integrated into the app

LAN network are used to have access to your website directories without the need for multiple logins

This app can work magic and save and upload to FTP service without the need for any errors

  • LAN Network Connection
  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • SFTP
  • WebDAV


2. Nearby File Sharing

You can easily share your files and content with other users without the need for data and it is safe

The app will simply create a sharing portal using your phone and the receiver will just search and accept your request and your desired data will be shared and you can also use it to learn how to hide videos on android phone


3. Junk File Cleaning

Junk File Cleaning features help you clean out unwanted files that may make your phone load slow

Any file you have not touched or opened in six months will be considered as junk file

You will be asked to grant permission to delete the old file which is not needed anymore


4. Transfer to Pc

When you are on the Transfer to PC mode it will ask you to share and save your data to your Personal Computer

This happens when your phone space is getting filled up and it may cause your mobile phone to lag and some of your applications may not work


5. Storage Analysis

You can use these cool features to know which folder has heavy files and it will show you all files and space they occupied

Always run the Storage analysis to know how many files you have on your phone and where to find them.


lists of new and old files and folders and when it was created with both date and time


Now Let Us Learn How To Hide Videos On Android


  • Select from the menu and click on File manager
  • Then locate the folder of which the video you want to hide is placed
  • Now click and hold the Video and select to rename the video file
  • Then remove the video format .mp4 , .avi or .3gp
  • and save the video without a format
  • The video name was How to blog.mp4
  • Now it will be How to Blog


Automatically the video will not be found on the Video player because it does not have a video format

To open the same Video Simply open your file manager and click on the video and you will be asked what format do you want to use to view the video

Just select Video and it will play and will be hidden but can be played using the same file manager

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