Grow New WordPress Blog, Blogging is the new face of the internet and a lot of people are starting their own blogs within seconds and growing them

When you hear blogging all you think about is a website full of contents for reading and already made research articles that help us understand what we want

WordPress blogging has some pretty great features even an amateur can open and start a WordPress blog without any knowledge in coding

When building a website the first thing that you should think about is what you have to offer to your readers when they look up your written contents

Choose your niche wisely and not by following any one’s rules and style of blogging and creating of contents

Blog with passion and Grow New WordPress not by writing words for Search engines robot but you are writing words for people who need information on what you can offer them


When you about to choose what your blog will be about thinking very carefully about the contents you will be putting out there for your readers

Pick what you are passionate about

My Blog is about Tech, SEO, and Cool Things you can do with Android Phones

Am already good at where am at because I know about technology and I will be sharing information about them

if I start a blog about cooking, I would fail badly because I know nothing about food and cooking.

Now you get what am trying to say.

Let’s get started


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Things You Should Never Do With WordPress

1. WordPress Theme

Your choice of theme will not rank you on Google but will determine your website information and stability and how fast your page loads

When picking a WordPress theme you should pick a good theme that talks about your website and that has good reviews

A good theme is a good score on Google and will boost your ratings but not rankings

What they say about a WordPress theme ranking you on Google is not true but false information

But make sure your website has a fast page load and it is also mobile friendly


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2. WordPress Plugins

The awesome things about WordPress are that you have access to millions of plugins that can be downloaded and uploaded to your WordPress website

Plugins are add-ons that add features to our WordPress websites and makes it look awesome but also Grow New WordPress Blog

Recommended WordPress Theme for Beginners In Blogging

Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Install If You Haven’t Already


3. Quality Content

Writing good contents will help you rank high on search engines like google which will boost your website traffic with a good conversion rate

Make sure you write good contents with 600 words and all many images to your blog post when you post them on your blog

600 words I meant to write them in simple English because you are writing for people to read and not for search engines

Be correct with your words and no errors must be made and don’t forget to always read them out loud before you publish them

You can even as your friends to read what you wrote and correct all the errors made and a well-written post will bring in more traffic to your website

4. Post Daily

Posting daily is a great habit you be doing and the awesome things about this that you will be getting traffic to your blog every daily without stress

The more blog post you write the more people will come back to your blog to read what information you are giving out

If you write seven blog post weekly in a month you have about 28 well-written posts which will bring in traffic to your website and rank you well on Google

When you post two blog posts per week in a month you have an 8 blog post which is bad

So always try to post every day but if you can’t write that much pay people to write for your blog

Google Loves fresh daily contents.


5. Optimize Your Content

Before you start writing a blog post make sure you have done some keyword research for a particular keyword you want to target

Add images into blog posts, I would recommend five images should be enough

Install Yoast: Yoast is a WordPress Plugin that helps you optimize your blog post so that search engines will pick up your blog posts and rank you for well-written contents

Yoast will help you when it comes to the writing of good contents you placing the right keywords at the right places for better ranking.


6. Use Right Images

Images blog plays a huge role when it comes to blogging and getting ranked on google for images

For every blog post, you write to make sure you create your own images for them or simply visit a website that offers free images for bloggers just like yourself

Example when you write a blog post about making Money online with WordPress

The images you will use must have a WordPress icon and money icon on the them

Because they make sense to the person who is reading your post and Grow New WordPress Blog with pasion and good content writing


7. Submit Your Site Map

Your site map is a list of all the contents on your websites from blog post, tags, categories and authors that publish contents on your websites

Google has tools where you can use to submit your own WordPress site map for better rankings

The Goole Site Map is called Search Engine Console a popular tool for marketers and bloggers


8. Website Logo

Having a good looking Logo will bring out the star in your blog and your logo should say a lot about your website

When creating your own logo be mindful of the color you choose to make them easy to see and do not use heavy colors


9. No Bad Words

Now that you have created your own blog never use bad words that will rank your blog low and receive punishment from Google

No insults words and never respond to negative contents on your blog because if you do it will be listed on the post and that may end badly for your blog


10. Fake or Ilegal Bad Products

Never think about scamming people with your WordPress blog because that will get low traffic and Google will slap your website and get listed on page 9,000 and you don’t want that to happen to you


10. Good Hosting Service

Now that you’ve started your blog a good web hosting service is needed cause you do not what when clients visit your website and it is down

Good hosting service will bring in more customers to your new WordPress blog

10 Web Hosting Service For 2019

11. Domain Name

Pick a sipmle domain name and make sure it is memorable and it is dot come domain name

The simpler your domain name the better someone can remember your URL for fast access

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