Facebook may be reading your messages to better understand how you use their platform to interact with other users and loved ones

Facebook has been around for years now and due to some security reasons is started reading its user data and storing them for them to analysis

This came about last year when something or someone got into Facebook and they claim no data was taken from them and now you see how Facebook may be reading your messages

I found out when updated my Facebook messenger and it asked me for permission to be able to read my messages so I hit accept

A few days later when someone sends me message onto my phone and my Facebook messager would open up that message and reads it out for me

Facebook just launched this feature to the messenger app for Android users but I do not know if it worked on iPhone

Mark is now taking security very serious

Facebook Message Data

Now Facebook now scans every message you receive not just that but also your phone messages via if you use the Facebook messenger app

Think twice before you download the Facebook messenger App onto your phone

Always decline the permission to be able to read your phone messages

1. Facebook Now Scan For Links

Whenever you get a link from any Facebook user, Just before you receive the link it would be scanned by Facebook bot just to see if the is safe to visit

But if the link is safe it would be in blue color and you can click on the link you received and then visit the URL

If the link is a spam link then it would be flagged red by Facebook and they would warn you about visiting such webpage

2. Images You Recieve Will Be Scanned By Facebook Bots

Some random Facebook user send me an image that was bad and Facebook flagged that picture

Telling me the image is not safe to visit and that I might lose my data after I visit such sites and even the text messages that you get on your phone is being read by Facebook

Now you already know how Facebook may be reading your messages

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