Possible Best ways to login to facebook Without Stress and Fully Explained

Facebook is a fast-growing networking platform used in many ways and the great thing about using Facebook is that it is totally free and you have to pay nothing to use it

Facebook is safe and secure but a lot of people are being scammed on Facebook and their accounts are being hacked and taken away from them

You have to follow some safety protocol when you are Facebook for your business or personal use

My friends Account got hacked after few years joining facebook but no one knew how it happened but I may be able to help to fix it

Which is why I wrote this article to on 3 ways to login into your facebook account

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1.Using Email Address

We all know the first way of logging into facebook is via email address and when a user sends you a friend request and when you hit accept he or she may see your email address and send you a mail

Most used Electronic Mails used for Creating Facebook Account and ways to login to facebook

  • Gmail

Google mail service is the easiest to create and is the best electronic email that has cool features and when you have Gmail account you also get cloud storage with 15GB of space to use when you sign up for an account

You can use the Google electronic mail to signup for a facebook account and it is fast, easy and safe

Google mail service custom addresses are example@gmail.com or Example@Googlemail.com

  • Outlook

Outlook is a window electronic mail service that lets you send and receive mail automatically with your given address which ends with example@outlook.com

You also get a cloud storage drive used for saving your files and for data when it comes to receiving emails

Windows mails are safe when you use them to create a facebook account

  • Yahoo

Yahoo is hard when it comes to creating an account, you will be filling a lot of forms when you about use their electronic mail

When you face any problems with your yahoo account you will be locked out and will be asked to fill a form in order to unlock your account

It is safe to use Yahoo to create a facebook account

  • Custom Mails

Custom mail is electronic mails for a blog or website

example: My blog address is blogtrybe.com and my custom mail service is admin@blogtrybe.com and you see that is an example of a custom mail

it is safe to use when creating a facebook account but you don’t get a cloud service when using this service

facebook by gmail blogtrybe


2. Facebook Username

Later on, Facebook added these features when you have ways to login to facebook to log in your facebook account which made it easy

The best thing about using username is that you don’t have to type long before you get into your account

And it is totally safe when you are using the facebook username to login to your facebook account

ways to login to facebook


3. Facebook Phone Number

The last feature Facebook added was the mobile number login which is good but it is not safe

Facebook account is being taken away if you added these features as a way of getting into your Facebook account and ways to login to facebook with number

Which is why I want Facebook to remove this feature from Facebook because it is not safe a lot of accounts will be lost if you are using these features and it is added by default by facebook team

ways to login to facebook


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