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Top 4 Websites To Download Full Rock Albums For Free Music Download


Do you like rock music or metal then be glad you are reading this post and i will be showing you sites where to download full rock albums without stress

Am i huge fan of free music download and beside who does not like free things

i will be showing you where to get free rock or should i say metal music that is if you are interested but they also offer other genres of music as well

but this post is for metal lovers who enjoy some form of rock metal music

well of course you can’t wait to start downloading

The music uploaded is totally free and music downloads from this websites are legal so don’t worry about charges cause you will not face any from the government or law agencies

Downloading from this website server is very safe and you would not worry about bugs

it is bug free and no need worry about downloading plugins, all you need is to use any browsers that you have installed on your mobile phones or personal laptop

then you ready to start downloading and listening to some wicked metal music

Rock ‘N’ Role

lets get started on free music download

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1. FreeAllMusic.top

Freeallmusic.top is the best music download portal on the web because they offer different kinds of music but most of the songs there are rock and metal

They use fast server to upload their songs and as well downloading them, you will not face any error will using this download portal and they speed rate is unbeatable.

You can do Requests from this site and your music will be uploaded within a week and they will vote and choose to upload the music you are requesting but make sure the band must be awesome and not some lame band

New Albums are uploaded weekly and most times in few days after the albums comes out

The Full list of metal music they have in their database

  • Heavy metal
  • Hardcore
  • Black metal
  • Punk metal
  • Hard rock
  • Slam metal
  • Thrash metal
  • Death metal
  • Death Core
  • Melacore
  • Melodic Metal
  • Emo metal
  • Crust Punk
  • Progressive Metal
  • Christian metal
  • Symphonic Black Metal

The great things about this site is that all the music they offer are albums of every metal artist that you can think of in the industry

plus they have pretty old rock music in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s all can be found on the site and its so fast when it comes to downloading them

Single are uploaded to but its not much in the site because they mostly interested in albums with cover downloads

download full rock albums

2. Thelastdester.org

Thelastdester.org is the second website that are interest in only metal music and the great thing about this site is that all the music uploaded from this site are full albums and are zipped files

They don’t have their own sever for downloading and they use premium third parties to songs for fast access and upload portals like zippershare to upload all the album

Songs are uploaded as well but it is very limited in number and gets little download

They offer this genre of music

  • Heavy metal
  • Black metal
  • Punk metal
  • Hard rock
  • Thrash metal
  • Death metal
  • DeathCore
  • Melacore
  • Melodic Metal
  • Progressive Metal
  • Christian metal

The most uploaded metal music on thelastdester.org is black metal and blacken metal


download full rock albums

3. Mp3aux.com

Mp3aux.com is also a website with loads of metal music but the awesome crazy thing about this website is that they always accept request to download full rock albums and upload any type of metal music and it is done within days

The download speed of Mp3aux.com is great cause they are using Google drive to upload on the songs on their data base

They also have a little bit of pop music for their lovers but also country music as well

The page speed is great with unlimited downloads

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4. Takemetal.org

Takemetal.org has some metal music and also all the songs downloaded from this site are 100 persent legal so you won’t face any charges

The upload and download speed is amazing awesome because the website is very small and music are compressed to zip files

Enjoy downloading from the best server with very little traffic and low downloads daily but still working great

Free Music download


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