Compress images with Facebook and get the best result by getting your images in low quality and still make them look really good

I love using images on my blog posts and when I decide to pick an image that I want to apply on my blog for better understanding

I always end up messing it all up because the images where too big and would slow down my blog page speed

With image compression I had to boost my page speed and having heavy images would not make my blog faster over time

Had the problem for years and found out what worked for me and so I decided to share them with you guys

Now you will be able to learn how to compress images with Facebook and still get the high quality that you want

Why Use Facebook

Facebook is a great platform that can help and solve many problems and i use it to make and create content images for my blogs and even use it to reduce my images without the need to worry about paying

Facebook uses the best image software embedded on their server that helps reduce images when they are being uploaded to Facebook

Facebook Account Login Methods

Lets say the images you uploaded was about 2MB

After you upload the images you want to compress on Facebook then you would go right away and download the image onto your computer or mobile phone

Now the images size would reduce to 150KB or even less

Depending on the image you choose to compress with your Facebook account

Login to your Facebook Account With your Email and Password

Compress Images With Facebook

Then proceed to uploading the picture you want to compress with your Facebook account

Then you click and upload the image you want to compress with Facebook

Compress Images With Facebook

Upload your desired image and after you are done uploading the images the size would lessen

Now the image size would reduce at a great rate and you still get a better quality image

Now have successfully compressed your Facebook image without the need of any software or program

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