Smart Recorder is the best voice app on Google Play Store service making it the real deal when it comes to using voice to win over your loved ones and family

Now you do not need to worry about going online to find a voice recording app that does what it says

Now that you have this powerful app installed onto your mobile phone

Just start recording within few seconds with high quality

With less space and gain more with better voice overs

Have been using this app i downloaded from Google play store and

You can find this app on Google play store easily with massive installs with great features added to the mobile voice recording application for Android users

It also has over 290,000 Star ratings

You do not worry about what the app will be doing on your phone background

It does not slow down your phone while the app is being opened

The voice recording app has a simple user interface making it easy to use

You do not need to be an android expect to use this voice record app on your phone

The app is so smart it does not pick up background noise

All you need to do is record in a low voice and try not to scream loud for it might pick up some hiss in the background

Get high-quality recording right from your mobile phone without the need of going to the studio for voice-overs

All you voice will be stored an mp3 format which is a music file

Have been using this app for over two years now and it served me well

Quick over view of your voice after it is done recording right from your mobile phone

Find all your recording in one place

You also have can change your voice format name for you will not need to play every episode just before you find the right one

Find all your voice records in one place without the need for looking for them from your music library and now you have the Best Voice Recorder on Google play store


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