Airtel Night Data Plans is back and better with a new upgrade that lets you subscribe to night data plans multiple times

Aitel made a change a week ago after they discovered many users are using the night plan to download their favorite movies and games

Unlimited airtel night plan is now back and you will be able to subscribe to your night plan multiple times without the need for waiting for the next day

This is a great way for Airtel users to start surfing and downloading their files online without the need of worrying of data usage

The night plan started few last year and now Airtel has added something new for the night downloaders

Helping them to download more files and stay happy using the best network providers in nigeria

What is Airtel Night Data Plan

Airtel created this platform for users to download files online without them spending so much money on data plans

Even made it possible for users to subscribe to Airtel night plan more than once in a row

The rate at which your files will be downloaded onto your device would really surprise you because of the Night plan speed is unstoppable

SmartTrybe 2.0

The airtel smart TRYBE 2.0 was created for airtel users and lets them have the ability to download heavy files faster

Let say you subscribed to the airtel night data plans around 2am and you were not able to finish up your data

You can continue with your unused Data because Airtel subscription is 24 Hours

airtel night data plans

To Join Airtel Smart TRYBE 2.0 by dialing simple code

  • Amount: ₦25 (make sure you have up that amount on your phone )
  • Subscription Code: Dial *312# » Type and send 2 (Airtel Night Plan 250MB)
  • Validity: 1 Night (between 12am – 5am) After 5am It would stop working

Now you can Subscribe to Airtel Smart TRYBE multiple times without the need for waiting for the next day to start Downloading your files

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